Philips Defibrillators
Outstanding technology meets easy 1-2-3 Operation

Philips Heartstart Defibrillator is a small, compact device which analyses a person’s heart rhythm and will only defibrillate if necessary.

The technology is safe to use and the incidence of false defibrillation is not possible. In some countries AED’s are already part of the standard equipment in public areas and buildings, and their provision is required by law. It is not surprising that more and more defibrillators are being installed in sports clubs, schools, companies and public buildings.

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Philips HeartStart HS1

The Philips HS1 is lightweight and easy to use even for laypeople. It switches on with a simple pull-handle.
A calm and clear voice prompts guide the user through the entire rescue process. Philips HS1 features QuickShock™ SMART BiPhasic and automatic self test function.

Philips HeartStart FRx

When you need a rugged and durable AED, which is protected against dust and splash water proof (e.g. for outdoor use or at swimming pools). Also available is a child key which allows standard pads to be used for pediatric resuscitation.


A unique storage option. You can safely lock away the AED, while maintaining emergency access to the unit. The SafeBox cabinet features a release trigger behind a small panel of break-glass so it can be opened when needed. SafeBox has been installed in thousands of companies, public buildings, schools and sporting venues. Patents are pending and granted in Europe and the USA. For outdoor installations, a heated and weather-sealed version is available.

SafeBox is perfect for any AED installed in an open-access environment.


medic assist can offer you evenmore help in monitoring your AEDs.

SmartConnect is a revolutionary new system that monitors the status of the AED. It is wireless and connects over the mobile network. It also contains its own power source, so you do not have to install anything. You receive a weekly status report for your AEDs and an immediate alert if the daily check shows any errors.

Three Reasons for Choosing a Philips AED

  1. Safety: The defibrillator is entirely safe to use. The built-in security systems provide complete safety of operation and prevent any damage to a cardiac arrest patient, even when used by a layperson. In effect the user can do nothing wrong.
  2. Speed: During a cardiac arrest, a fast defibrillation of the heart is crucial for patient survival. Philips QuickShock™ is one of the quickest and most efficient technology for defibrillators worldwide.
    Chance of Survival and Time to Shock after CPR are closely bound together.
  3. Ease of use: The defibrillator will talk you through each stage of the rescue. The unit is very easy to operate and in an emergency can be used by people with no training.
    The Philips HS1 is so safe and easy to use that in the USA it is the only defibrillator that can be bought without a prescription. It is already common equipment at locations across the world.