Benefits of Service Rental

As an alternative to purchase, medic assist can offer an attractive service rental solution. This is a provision and service agreement rather than a pure financing agreement.

Maintenance and Servicing: included under the terms of the agreement. There are no additional charges to maintain and remote service the unit, and this includes the replacement of electrodes and batteries before they reach their expiry date.

In the unlikely event of any unit failing, a replacement will be supplied within 48 hours.

Updates: each of the AEDs prompt the user to follow the current European Resuscitation Council Guidelines (2010 version). In the event of any mandatory changes to these guide lines, the unit will be updated to the new standard for free.

Our service rental solution allows you to accurately forecast the costs involved in having an AED and removes the problem of ongoing maintenance overheads. With this agreement, you can be confident you are adequately prepared for an emergency.

Purchase or rental

The following example, using the Philips Heartstart HS1, shows the saving offered by our service rental solution as opposed to purchase at the current UK market price:

£ 937 Philips HS1 incl. carrying case, pads and battery
+ £ 70 Set of electrodes (every 2 yrs)
+ £ 180 Guideline change
+ £ 10 Shipment costs
+ £ 103 Saving of interest as of opportunity costs (based on only 6% p.a.)
£ 1.300 Calculated Purchase Cost
- vs. -
£ 1.078 3 years Service Rental
= £ 222 Saving
with the Service Rental Offer within the minimum period

Please be aware that if you purchase the AED out right, you will need new electrodes every two years (currently £ 70) and a new battery every four years (currently £ 155). With the service rental solution these are covered at no extra charges.

In order for software updates to be undertaken, a unit you have purchased outright must be sent away and will be unavailable for use while it is being updated. It would be your responsibility to organize updates and to provision a replacement AED in the interim. However, with our service rental solution we take care of all of this for you.